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NOW BOOKING THE UK FOR SEPTEMBER 7-17th, 2018 EMAIL info@screaminrebelangels

For European Booking Please contact Rootstown Bookingrootstownaarschot@telenet.be

Limited Edition Red Vinyl, Screamin' Rebel Angels Hitch Hike
Limited Edition Red Vinyl, Screamin' Rebel Angels Hitch Hike


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Want To Book Screamin' Rebel Angels?
So now you browsed through this little website, and saw what The World's Most Fun Rock 'n Roll band is all about, and you want Screamin' Rebel Angels for your event! You are in luck!

Screamin' Rebel Angels love to perform! We are available for Shows, Short Runs, Tours, Private Events and Weddings. Don't be shy, drop a line!

For more information, please email info[at]screaminrebelangels.com

Do you just want to chat, look at some random rock 'n roll pictures, or keep up to date? Then check us out on these links too! We're all over the interwebs! We love to talk shop, post pics, or rant non sequiturs.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/screaminrebelangels
Twitter: @ScreaminNYC
Instagram: @ScreaminRebelAngels

Do you want to Distribute Screamin' Rebel Angels Music and Merch?
Contact us for affordable distribution rates and details! We ship world wide, and we ship fast! Help us spread the rock 'n roll!

Thanks, and we look forward to having a rock 'n roll blast with ya!

---xoxo Laura Rebel Angel---




Hitch Hike by Screamin' Rebel Angels, Rockabilly, Laura Rebel Angel, Screamin Rebel Angels

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