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“With a vocal delivery that channels an otherworldly combo of Janis Martin and any great blues shouter you can possibly think of, Palmer’s voice explodes into a full-blown sonic assault. Few covers can match the incendiary power and fury of Little Richard in his prime (hey, even Elvis couldn’t pull that off on his first album), but Palmer knocks it out of the park.”
---Guitar World Magazine, December 2019

“The second album from New York’s Screamin’ Rebel Angels is a breathless blast through a set of mega high octane, hard hitting rockabilly. Singer Laura Palmer has the kind of voice that could fell a dinosaur at 20 paces – awesomely powerful and able to cover Little Richard’s “Oh My Soul” and not suffer by the comparison!”
---Vive Le Rock, Issue 63, May 2019

“Right ahead of Nicky Curran, we had Rockabilly new gals and guys, Screamin’ Rebel Angels, with ‘Oh My Soul’ from the rockabilly hot bed of Brooklyn in New York. Follow what they’re doing, because they are playing around all the time, and making some new records that have one foot in the past and one foot moving forward all the time, and That’s the trick to the whole thing. It’s Rockin’ and it’s swingin’, it’s old and it’s new, all at the same time.”
---Slim Jim Phantom, Rockabilly Raveup SiriusXM/The Stray Cats, April 2019

" of the most electrifying acts to burst onto NYC's rock scene since Max's and CB's. … Music Journalists take note.”
---Rock and Roll Globe Tweet, March 2019

“Not since Kim Shattuck of the Muffs have I heard a gal quell up such a commanding vocal …after a few years of touring, the Screamin’ Rebel Angels second album, Heel Grinder, is finally out there to offer a full picture of Palmer and her rockabilly redux. Somewhere between Rev. Horton Heat’s spit-shined chasis and Poison Ivy’s discarded, end-of-tour fishnets, it’s a fun, sweaty, party starter.”
--Eric Davidson, Rock and Roll Globe / New Bomb Turks

“Genuine rock'n'roll, attitude and impudence, punkabilly punches and a woman from New York paying her commitment, nothing more than that. Enough to re-discover the hidden legacy of Screamin Jay Hawkins, the ghostly treasure that were The Cramps as well as the impertinence and musical ubiquity of Little Richard. Screamin 'Rebel Angels are a modern rock'n'roll band.”, March 2019

“Slap-Bass-Bothering, Rockabilly-Hollering Laura Palmer’s NYC-based Angels unleash their second squall of flame-haired tats-‘n’-lipstick, Ooh My Soul rock’n’roll. The psycho Ivy to Jim Jones’s Lux.”
---Classic Rock Magazine, March 2019

“Wow – this comes outta the box very hot… Explosive would be an appropriate adjective for the Screamin’ Rebel Angels. …I like ‘em, hope I get a chance to see ‘em live one of these days!
… Marc Bristol, Blue Suede News, #117 Spring 2019

“Laura Palmer’s fiery vocals coupled with the band’s pedal to the metal sound – and oh, that upright bass- will have you leaving it all on the dance floor.”
---Frank Tiente, Downbeat Drag Magazine, Vol 1 Issue 4, 2019

“Miss Laura Palmer just absolutely SLAYS IT...This new album they just put out called “Heel Grinder” was by far their best album was very well produced and captured her signature growl better than any other album."
---Gary Hayes June 2019

Overall this is a great album that whether your a fan of rockabilly or just great music in general and can appreciate top musicians and songwriters then this has something for anyone to enjoy, it will put a great big smile on your face and keep your ears wanting more.
--Gareth Hooper,, March 2019

#1 Track of the Week by Popular Vote.
---Classic Rock Magazine, February 2019

"It’s an exceptional album and one that has already set the bar ridiculously high for other artists to knock it off as my album of 2019. "
---Lee Powell UK Rock n Roll magazine, February 2019

“Some poor jaded souls spend a lot of time whining about what happened to “real rock and roll.” Those folks have clearly never heard Screamin’ Rebel Angels, a band that combines old-time rockabilly sounds with punk attitude on the new album Heel Grinder.”
---Gary Schwind, Glide Magazine, February 2019

“…vintage sounds turned into savage sounds, rocking the audience into dance mode. Screamin' Rebel Angels performed roots rock and roll better than just about any other revival band on the local club circuit; the band is ready for a national breakout.”
---Charley Crespo, The Aquarian Weekly, February 2019

"Propelled by singer Laura Palmer’s mix of ragey power and dulcet swagger, it’s a characterful musical hybrid crammed with energy and ‘50s-via-The Cramps allure."
--- Polly Glass, Classic Rock Magazine January, 2019

"Make no bones here , "Heel Grinder" will color you impressed and it's one of the best rock n roll albums to come down the pike in a long time. Highly recommended!
... John Slam, from Slam Reviews

"This is the best new Rock ‘n Roll Record to come out in forever. Buy a copy of Screamin’ Rebel Angels “Heel Grinder” and get your ass rocked off.."
...Eddie McNamara Author, Toss Your Own Salad

"It’s an exceptional album and one that has already set the bar ridiculously high for other artists to knock it off as my album of 2019. "
- Lee Powell UK Rock n Roll magazine, February 2019

“Fronted by dynamic, flame haired, tattooed and glamorous Laura Palmer, the band evoke in each of the 13 tracks of the record the spirit of Little Richard, Elvis Presley and Patsy Cline. Lead single “Oh! My Soul” ... covers the legendary (Little) Richard Penniman, infusing it with it an additional level of barrelhouse, juke joint boogie-woogie.”
… Dave Cromwell, The Deli Mag Jan 2019

“Laura Rebel Angel might be the female Little Richard...we are loving loving loving the new album."
… Del Villareal, DJ Motorbilly Radio, January 2019

“Screamin’ Rebel Angels is unafraid to make a vintage sound its own, marrying old-school rock 'n’ roll with a modern twist.
…By Nicole Rosenthal, amNew York, January 2019

"This new Screamin' Rebel Angels sounds like the result of Little Richard joining The Cramps and playing like their lives depended on it! This is a full-throttle rock & roll attack and I love every second of it!"
-Jammin' James Riley/ Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour

Screamin’ Rebel Angels named one of the Top 30 bands to see live in NYC in 2019
– The Aquarian Weekly January 2019

The Year In Band Names 2018. Screamin’ Rebel Angels, Ever think a band was created for instagram?
… by Kyle Ryan, The AV Club January 2019

“With a stunningly mesmerizing voice and a marvelous musicianship that finds her equally at home slapping the strings of a double-bass as playing the life out of her Gretsch, Laura is the kind of front person who only comes along once in a blue moon and is able to sing as good as they play and as such steers the whole dynamic of the band.”
– Lee Powell UK Rock & Roll Magazine, December 2018

“Laura Palmer leads her band to Rockin’ Heaven, pausing only for a music history lesson.”
…by David West, Vintage Rock Magazine, Aug 2018

“Talk About Energy! Their music leans a bit in the psychobilly direction and they have a ferocious sound. Laura is truly a force to be reckoned with, lifting her bass high above her hear and singing originals and covers with abandon.”
… Kevin Smith, Blue Suede News, June 2018


Screamin’ Rebel Angels’ unrelenting and hi-octane original music reimagines the legacy of rock ‘n roll, rockabilly, and rhythm ‘n blues into a contemporary sound. Their thrilling live performances are packed with primal passion and authenticity. The sound is unapologetically their own, and they take their audiences on an exhilarating adventure into an untamed world of dangerous women, broken hearts, courage and conviction.
Leading the band is Laura Palmer, a versatile multi-instrumentalist, song-writer, and producer. Equally adept at slapping out the rhythm on an upright bass or picking on a big ol’ Gretsch, Laura Palmer’s on stage presence and powerful vocals have garnered international attention and acclaim, including earning the 2020 Ameripolitan Award “Rockabilly Female of the Year.” Add in Brian Hack’s stratospheric lead guitar and additional song-writing, drummer Jungle Jim Chandler and the combination is a truly unique sound not to be missed. Screamin’ Rebel Angels regularly play like their lives depend on it throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe

Short List of Festivals:
Viva Las Vegas (2020)
Screamin' Festival (Spain,2020)
Midsummer Rockabilly Festival (Finland)
Bedlam Breakout (UK)
Nashville Boogie (TN)
The New England Shake Up (MA)
Rockabilly Swamp (NL)
Old Cars, Rockin People (BE)
Quebec City Rockabilly Festival (CAN)
The Symco Shakedown (WI)
The Psychobilly Luau (NYC)
Heavy Rebel (NC)
Viva East (MA)

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