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Limited Edition Red Vinyl, Screamin' Rebel Angels Hitch Hike
Limited Edition Red Vinyl, Screamin' Rebel Angels Hitch Hike


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June 2018: Screamin' Rebel Angels Featured in Vintage Rock Magazine! On The Radar! Read The Full Article Here.
Screamin' Rebel Angels in Vintage Rock Magazine

May 2018: Live Performance Coverage and Review of Screamin' Rebel Angels at The Nashville Palace by Blue Suede News, by Kevin Smith
Screamin' Rebel Angels Blue Suede News


September 2017: Show Review Belgium.

Aug 14 2014: Television Appearance, Live Perfomance and Interview. The B-Sides NYC Sessions
The B-Sides NYC Sessions

Printed Materials:
2014 July: Pinup Appeal Magazine
Pinup Appeal Magazine #2 with a great feature on Screamin' Rebel Angels courtesy of our interview with East Coast Rockabilly Central! Available digital and print.
Screamin' Rebel Angels in Pinup Appeal Magazine

July 2014: The Winston-Salem Journal
For Heavy Rebel Weekender
Heavy Rebel Weekender The Winston-Salem Journal

June 2014: Big Beat Magazine Review (Finland)
Big Beat Magazine Finland

2014 Feb: Rebel Ink Magazine "Another band that made their mark on this event was the psychobilly fab four, Screamin' Rebel Angels. Led by singer/guitarist Laura Rebel Angel, this intoxicating quartet set the room on fire with a set filled with twang, bounce and venomous screams, shrills, and thrills. If you've never seen this band, or heard their music, you are absolutely missing out on something special." Article by Miles Anderson, photography by Dan Howell.
Rebel Ink Magazine Feb 2014 Screamin' Rebel Angels Review at The Rumblers Hot Rod and Tattoo Expo

2014 Jan 25: The New Haven Register, Cover of Weekend Entertainment Section and featurette, Printed and Web.
Screamin' Rebel Angels, New Haven Register

2013 Dec: Rockabilly Deluxe Magazine, 2 page feature and interiew.
Rockabilly Deluxe, Magazine, Screamin' Rebel Angels, Laura Rebel Angel

2013 Aug: UK Rock 'n Roll Magazine, Magazine Cover and Feature.
UK Rock 'n Roll Magazine, Screamin' Rebel Angels, Laura Rebel Angel

2012: New York Waste Show and Music Review

Reviews, Interviews, Online Articles and Blog Love:

July 28, 2014 The Brooklyn Daily
Surf’s up! Brooklyn band to open for surf rock legend Dick Dale

June 21, 2014 The Examiner
"Next up next were the Screamin’ Rebel Angels, also from Brooklyn. With the tatted 50’s pin-up good looks, fiery red hair and matching Gretsch guitar of front woman, Laura Rebel Angel, along with the overall look of her bandmates, my first thought was, “Rockabilly, cool.” But I would soon see that there were way more layers to this rock ’n’ roll onion. Rockabilly yes, but also early rock ’n’ roll, a smattering of country and a bit of blues. The kind of roots rock that makes you want to shake, rattle, roll, twist and swing - which many in the crowd did. And just when I thought I’d heard it all, they switched gears. Ms. Laura Rebel Angel laid down the Gretsch for a bit and just… sang. That’s when things got a little bit slower and a whole lot steamier. The woman has some amazing pipes and can belt it out with the best of them."
..........................Elizabeth Austin, The Examiner

January 3, 2014 The Brooklyn Daily. Headlining the show will be Brooklyn-based rockabilly band Screamin’ Rebel Angels. Frontwoman Laura Rebel Angel has been throwing an Elvis tribute for the past five years as a way to celebrate the man and his music. “Besides loving Elvis as the amazing performer and icon that he is, I find that these shows are a great way to introduce a larger audience to the current genre of rockabilly that is happening in New York City, and Brooklyn in particular,” said Angel, who is christening Radio Bushwick, the neighborhood’s first professional concert hall, with its first rockabilly show. “Early Elvis is the gateway drug of rockabilly, and we’re trying to give the audience a taste and hope that they get hooked.”
..........Meredith Deliso, Brooklyn Daily

“I LIKE IT!!!! Legendary Songwriter Mike Stoller, from Leiber and Stoller in response to Screamin' Rebel Angels version of Saved. Screamin' Rebel Angels version of "Saved" can also be found in the Leiber Stoller Archives.
..................- Mike Stoller of Lieber/Stoller Song Writing team, and Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, Nov., 2013

“Since 2011 these Brooklyn bashers have been turning heads and knocking them dead with their fireball brand of modern rockabilly.Their" Pounce Like a Tiger"ep (2011) and the single "Out Of This World"(2012) showed that this band means business and is not just your average rockabilly inspired band.Now the Screamin Rebel Angels have dropped their debut album and this puppy has more than enough spark and sizzle to satisfied .We get 12 tracks here that range from straight up rockabilly to shades of country and blues to rock n roll. The band also throws in a little bit of harp action on one track and some sax on another . This has all the elements of modern rockabilly and it is done very well.Highlights include: "Savage Stomp","Mayday","Sizzle" and one of the best versions of Leiber and Stoller's "Saved" that your ever going to hear. What can I say "Hitch Hike' is fresh, diverse and damn strong, what more do you want.Recommended”
.............................. - John Slam, Slam Reviews 2 Shakin Katz Radio (Dec 15, 2013)  


“This really is an excellent album, as it contains a really strong core of great songs that will appeal to both old school Rockabilly fans but also has the strength and modern feel to attract newer fans to the genre. The success of people like Imelda May and JD McPherson have certainly demonstrated there is a market for this kind of stuff and given the right push it can even break through to the wider commercial masses. There is certainly enough evidence that with the right promotion and perhaps support slots, the Screamin Rebel Angels could go very far indeed.”
..................- Paul Hastings, Mudkiss Fanzine (Jul 19, 2013)  


“Psychobilly promoter and all around cool cat (kitten?) Laura Rebel Angel has gone from promoting the best psychobilly/rockabilly events in NYC to fronting her own band, the “Screamin’ Rebel Angels” to which I ask “What took you so long?”. As per the norm with Laura, it’s 1st class all the way. The lady can organize a party or event, as evidenced by some of her bashes in the past like the one we covered way back in 2010 HERE and by the backyard BBQ setting for their new vide0 “Sizzle” which looks like it would have simply been a blast to make or at least participate. Now by the looks & sounds of things.. she can rock and roll with the best of ‘em too.. Who knew? Not me.. but now I do.. and now.. so do you. Here are the Screamin’ Rebel Angels with “Sizzle”!”
........................ - Robert Rose, Punk Outlaw (Sep 06, 2013)  


“If you check out Screamin’ Rebel Angels on ReverbNation, the first song listed is a real attention grabber. At the beginning of the song, Laura Rebel Angel screams, “Are you ready?” Whether you’re ready or not, the song is coming. The band launches into an upbeat tune that straddles the line between rockabilly and doo-wop. It is a fun song and a great introduction to the band. “Right to Wrong” is a great tune for several reasons. First, this is a song with the classic theme of someone being done wrong (and what would rockabilly be without that theme). Second, this is an upbeat rockabilly tune that will get couples swinging on a dance floor. Seriously, I would love to see this performed live just to see all the folks that would get up and dance to it.”
........................... - Incognito Music Magazine (Apr 15, 2013)  


"Laura Rebel Angel and Screamin Rebel Angels are a dynamic and explosive live act that is a spiritual channeling of Elvis and Screamin Jay Hawkins....I'd tell em to 'go to the light' but It's just too damn good!!" - Scott Long, Scenic Presents  


“Laura Rebel Angel is an amazing and inspiring woman. She’s a self-made lady that radiates confidence, positivity, strength and an admirable ‘can do’ hard work ethic endearing her to all that comes into her orbit. Laura fronts rockabilly band, Screamin’ Rebel Angels, designs for her own label Dollsville NYC, has her own production company and puts on shows, most notably the largest US east coast annual Psychobilly Luau. It’s always a pleasure interviewing someone like Laura, that has a wealth of experience and is happy to share her story and secrets of her success…all with a stunning great big smile, of course!”
........ - Bianca Valentino, Conversations With Bianca (Oct 25, 2012)  


“The rockabilly/country/blues foursome beat, screamed, strummed, and stomped their way through an unforgettably authentic and highly energetic set on Saturday night, in the very appropriate Texan bar. There is something about the combination of a masterfully slapped upright bass, immaculately paired guitars, and a smoldering redhead howling about her “Mean, Mean Man” that shoved the audience into a badass, rock ’n’ roll timewarp. Lead guitarist Brian Hack effortlessly pumped out intense licks with a bite and twang that evoked a Tarantino chase scene. Laura showed herself to be a performer who owns the stage without remorse; she doesn’t ask her baby to come back, or her daddy not to leave, but rather, owns the men in her lyrics as she owns the stage—without playing hard to get with the audience. If you love your classics with a cunning twist and true musicianship, then check out Screamin’ Rebel Angels for a rush you won’t forget. ”
......... - Freya Wilcox, Feast of Music (Apr 03, 2012)  

Hitch Hike by Screamin' Rebel Angels, Rockabilly, Laura Rebel Angel, Screamin Rebel Angels

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